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Post 9/11 there has been an inevitable increase in demand for terrorism insurance on a stand-alone basis. While property insurers are now obliged to offer terrorism coverage under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA), many of these carriers have neither the appetite nor the expertise to offer coverage beyond the limited scope and timeframe of the legislation. This has propagated a market for specialist terrorism cover.

Catalytic offers full terrorism coverage in the United States for acts inspired by both foreign and domestic groups (TRIA offers foreign acts only). The pattern of terrorist attacks on western nation targets since 9/11 has blurred the distinction between the two and prompted many clients to buy more complete coverage. We offer our customers both TRIA coverage (certified events) as well as Non-TRIA coverage (non-certified acts) on their own if required.

Catalytic offers terrorism coverage to a range of commercial, industrial and governmental clients country wide. We have the flexibility to write full value policies as well as primary and excess layers. Our $80 Million per risk in-house capacity can be greatly expanded for the right risks and we have ‘A’ rated capacity available in all major metro areas.

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